After Cancer Club

After Cancer Club is an online community of over 6000+ people that support any patient, friend, or family member that has been impacted by Cancer. With our Free online Quora group, it is like having a cancer support group in your pocket. 


Why We Started

After Cancer Club

After you or someone you know is diagnosed, you join an elite Cancer club. You didn't get to choose this club, but you are now part of a group of people that know the emotional and physical toll that cancer can have on a life. After Cancer Club exists so that anyone who is impacted by cancer has a community to ask for any support.


"95% of surviving cancer comes from having a positive attitude + 

having your family, friends, and community behind you 110%.

Put them together and you now have a

205% cure rate."

- After Cancer Club Founder's Bracelet Worn During Chemo and Our Community's Motto

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