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2 easy choices in the New Year to eat healthier and reduce inflammation

We are not doctors nor give medical advice at After Cancer Club, but I am a cancer survivor that is a big believer in the less inflation you cause the better when it comes to your diet.

In the book Anti Cancer, the author does an amazing job detailing the best diet to have regardless if you are pre or post cancer. I highly suggest you check out this book if you want to live an overall healthier lifestyle After Cancer Club | Blog

A simple thing you can do is start making 3 smarter choices today:

1) Stop eating processed food everyday. Look at the picture below and focus on healthier options

2) Focus on products and food that help reduce inflation. Omega-3 fish oil and turmeric are great options to help reduce inflation.

Give both a try for the first few weeks in January and let us know if you feel better!

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