• Mike

How were you diagnosed with cancer?

When I was 22, I was walking around Guatemala and suddenly felt like I was hit with a baseball bat in my lower abs. I gave it a few days hoping it was something I ate but then called my dad and doc and both recommended I come home. I left all my belongings and took at 12hr trip home to Colorado - I remember being on the bus literally praying that it wasn’t my app

When I arrived in Colorado my dad said I looked almost orange from the pain and we went straight to the hospital. Slowly one by one they did tests and didn’t know what it was until the dr did a CT scan and I lit up like a Christmas tree with tumors. I had stage 3 testicular cancer and the cancer had gone to my abdomen and liver. I had surgery two days later and my first round of chemo one week after that.

10 years later I am cancer free but know that I there is an army of survivors out there with similar stories. To me and After Cancer Club a survivor is any family member, friend, or patient impacted by cancer and we are launching this free community so people will always have somewhere to go.

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