• Mike

How to join After Cancer Club's Free slack community in less than 4 minutes!

I told my dad that if could figure out how to join our slack community then anyone could figure it out - my dad is a great human be tech and iphones are not his specialty :). Not only was he able to join but we have had people that are 80+ years old join so don't let the process intimidate you!

Step 1: Add your email to the After Cancer Club community/ workspace

Step 2: After you add your email address, check your email for a note from slack.

Step 3: Click link in the email to then be taken to download the Slack App

Step 4: Click Get. You may need your Apple ID and Password to download but the app is FREE.

Step 5: Once the app downloads Click Get Started

Step 6: Enter Your Email for Slack

Step 7: Create a name for the slack community.

Step 8: Turn on notifications to get updates on slack!

Now all you have to do is click the Slack app anytime you want to visit after cancer club

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