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Join After Cancer Club and 300+ people on Quora!

Did you ever have a question that you wanted to ask but wasn't sure who could help you answer it? Have you had questions during treatment and curious if anyone else has ever experienced it?

If so, check out After Cancer Club on Quora. Quora describes itself as a is a place to share knowledge and better understand the world and After Cancer Club sees it as an amazing platform in addition to our slack community to share stories, questions, and meet other survivors from around the world. For example, on Quora100+ people answered the question and shared stories on what symptoms did you notice before being diagnosed with cancer?

After Cancer Club is on Quora and already has 300 people in our group and we cover all of the below topics:

- Cancer Support Groups

- Cancer Awareness

- Cancer Questions

- Chemotherapy

- Radiation

- Cancer News Stories

- Cancer Clubs

- Cancer nonprofits

Curious who the NBA basketball player below that is also a cancer survivor? Join us on Quora and ask today!

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