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Three books that will change your life for the better

I love to read. My mind is constantly racing between work, family and activities. I found that I am most peaceful when I am either hanging out with my wife abby, playing golf or reading. Unfortunately, I have to work like everyone else and it is a true that I call my bus to work the "hell chariot." But rather than only looking at riding the bus this as a negative now it is my "hell + book time chariot" :). I read each of these books this year and hope that each will provide you some peace and insights.

(1) Anti Cancer - Read this book - it will change the way you cook your food, think about cancer, and also gives great tips on stuff like using tumeric, fish oil, and eating healthier overtime.

(2) Indistractable - Best book I've read all year. If you are looking to maximize your time and relationship with others, read this book first.

(3) Reboot - . Just like working in startups, dealing with cancer is really fucking hard. Jerry doesn't even talk about cancer, but delivers a message about giving yourself and other endless do-overs.

If you like any of these books, the best gift you can give is to share their message with others.

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