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Upcoming After Cancer Club Podcast Series!

In 2020, we plan to create 50 podcasts featuring cancer survivors, family members and friends impacted by cancer. Our goal is to create podcasts that cover topics that will help anyone that has experienced or going through supporting someone during cancer treatments.

Below are 10 sample podcast ideas:

- What is it like to be a caregiver for your parent during cancer treatment?

- Why does it feel like no one understands what I am going going?

- Why is it ok not to always have a positive attitude during cancer treatment?

- How cancer support groups helped me and how they didn't?

- What it is like to be diagnosed with cancer?

- Where did you find humor during your cancer treatment?

- What it is like to tell your family you have cancer?

- What it is like to be in college and your parent is diagnosed with cancer?

- What is it like to date after having testicular cancer?

- What are the best ways to eat food when nauseous and on chemo

Want to be featured on our Podcast our have a topic you wanted covered? Please leave a comment below!

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